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Puppi Diapers SIO Snap-in-One Merino Wool Diaper Cover - One Size with Velcro closure

Puppi Diapers SIO Snap-in-One Merino Wool Diaper Cover - One Size with Velcro closure

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The Snap-in-One solution is a wool cover that has snaps inside which fit the SIO inserts perfectly. Just snap and go, you only change the snapped in inserts. No more moving inserts! The SIO system is ideal if 

- you are starting your adventure with cloth diapers and your baby already weighs over 6 kg

- milky poops are rare or do not occur at all anymore

- Your baby is wiggly, which makes diaper changes difficult and you are looking for a solution that will help you to do it efficiently and without unnecessary fuss

The cover is made of two layers of wool flannel - 100% merino wool, made in Poland, EU.

The system of appropriately arranged snaps makes it easy to adjust the size of the cover both for a small baby and an older toddler. So in most cases the cover will be enough for the entire diapering period. Colorful snaps along with decorative stich are an additional interesting color accent.

  • you do not have to think about the size - thanks to a few steps of regulation, the One Size cover will be enough from the beginning to the end of diapering period
  • after impregnation with lanolin you do not have to wash it often, just once in 2-3 weeks
  • The wool allows airflow to the skin.
  • woolen covers can be used all year round, regardless of the weather (also during hot summer)
  • can be used with any absorbent insert or flat diaper, but fits best with the SIO inserts
  • no more chafing and skin irritations!

The structure of wool and lanolin content in its fibers makes the cover great at holding moisture, keeping it inside the diaper. In addition, it is a breathable fabric, allowing for adequate air circulation, thus minimizing the risk of diaper rash. What is important, wool ensures that the right skin temperature is maintained, so it works great both in winter and in summer during hot weather.

Another natural feature of wool is that it creates an environment unfriendly to bacterial growth. Lanolin contained in its fibers breaks down urine into mineral salts and water. Thanks to that we wash the wool cover much less frequently than those made of synthetic fabrics. If there is no bigger dirt, after changing the baby the cover should be hung to air out. When it dries completely it will still have a neutral smell, which proves that it is clean and can be used again without any problem. You only need to wash the cover once every two to three weeks. Wool covers combined with inserts made of natural fiber are the most natural cloth diapers.

Please note: the pictures do not show the SIO snaps inside the cover. 

Compositions 100% merino wool
Size One Size (6-15 kg)/(13-33 lbs)
Care instructions Hand washing using wool shampoo. Ventilate after each use. Detailed information about washing you will find in the leaflet joined to your cover.
Before the first use Lanolize wool cover.
Certificates elastics: purchased from GOTS- certified manufacturer (Global Organic Textile Srtandard), snaps: CPSIA, tested for phthalate content
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