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Organic Aleppo Soap

Organic Aleppo Soap

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Aleppo soap is the mother of all soaps and has been around for thousands of years. Syriana's organic Aleppo soap was hand made according to Syrian tradition from only olive and laurel oil. Sodium is used for the saponification process and is less than 0.5% of the final product.

Aleppo soap, thanks to the synergy between its two components, has nourishing, vitalizing and restructuring properties, given by the high percentage of fats contained in the oil, which is why it is often also recommended for washing and caring for stressed, dry and brittle hair.

The soap is gentle enough to be used on baby's skin, on your wool laundry or for emulsifying your lanolin.

By buying this soap, you support the education of kids in southern Turkey.

Aleppo soap is available in different configurations:

1% Laurel Oil, 99% Olive Oil

5% Laurel Oil, 95% Olive Oil

20% Laurel Oil, 80% Olive Oil

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