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disana Silk and Wool Nursing Pads

disana Silk and Wool Nursing Pads

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First aid for mothers. Raw silk takes a calming and healing effect to the irritated breast from breastfeeding.

Just lay the Nursing Pads on the breast after breastfeeding and the nursing pads’ wool core will absorb excess milk to keep dry, while the raw silk heals the irritated skin.

These nursing pads do not have a waterproof backing but are super absorbent. They are made of 100% natural fabrics. The wool contained in these pads is 100% organic. 

Sold in pairs. Wool has self-cleaning properties so you don't need to wash these pads every day. Simply air out. Hand wash or delicate cycle. Lie flat to dry.

Two sizes: 4.3 inches and 5.5 inches. 

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disana Silk and Wool Nursing Pads

Almost every breastfeeding journey comes with sore nipples every now and then. Try the disana nursing pads made from silk and wool. They are naturally soothing for your delicate skin.

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