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All in Three Diaper 100% Wool Cozy Kilt by Culla di Teby

All in Three Diaper 100% Wool Cozy Kilt by Culla di Teby

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The all in three system consists of overpants, a cradle and any insert of your choosing. During diaper changes you only need to change the absorbent insert. The diapers come in very cute prints that you most definitely don't have to hide! Perfect for the summer! 

All Culla di Teby diapers are handmade in Italy. 

The 'Cozy Kilt' all in three diaper is made from 100% wool: both the overpants and the cradle are made from extra soft virgin wool. 

  • Highly breathable: wool diapers are the most breathable on the market
  • Extremely delicate on the skin: the wool cover is made of pure extra soft virgin wool (fleece wool) , and thanks to the special process it goes through, it doesn’t itch
  • Water repellent: wool covers, once lanolized, absorb humidity but don’t let liquids out, keeping the exterior clothes dry.
  • No elastics: there are no elastics that touch the skin yet the mess is kept inside the diaper
  • Thermoregulating: wool diapers, thanks to their high breathability, are warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Antibacterial: thanks to the power of lanoline, wool diapers can be aired out without having to wash them every time - unless soiled

Pair those diapers with any insert you like, prefolds, flats or the Culla di Teby inserts.


M approximately 11lbs to 24lbs

L approximately 20lbs to 33lbs

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